Bowl for Kids Sake 2023

Sunday May 7th, 2023 at DUNCAN LANES

Theme: GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!!

Registration now OPEN!!



This fundraising event is about YOU having fun while helping to give back to mentoring programs and local youth. You guessed it… an afternoon of ‘glow in the dark’ themed bowling while raising donations that go directly towards matching at-risk youth with a caring mentor at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Cowichan Valley (BBBSCV). Your participation ensures youth have a positive role model, helping to build a positive relationship that is critical to childhood development.

If you’re not able to participate in this fun event, but still want to help out, CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION!


Bowl for Kids Sake Fundraiser, takes place on Sunday, May 7th at the Duncan Bowling Alley on James Street.  Two sessions to choose from:

Session 1  12:30-2:30pm

Session 2  3:30-5:30pm


Recruit your team of up to 6 bowlers. Assign a team organizer (that Rockstar who’ll keep your team on task and be the motivator). This person is the responsible type and ensures that your team gets registered early to avoid disappointment (10 pins book fast). To register, complete the steps below.

Team Registration:

What you need to know prior to registering:

  • The pin that your team wants to bowl: 5 pin (small balls) or 10 pin (big balls)
  • The time your team wants to play: 12:30-2:30pm OR 3:30-5:30pm
  • Enter names of bowling team members; 4- 6 participants per team (all participants names to be registered one week in advance of event, although we always accept the procrastinator)
  • Once your team is registered you’ll receive an email inviting you and your team to fundraising online. This is optional, however a great tool to collect donations and share with your friends & family and all the other great people in your life about the amazing caring thing you are doing.

Register today to ensure you get the session and pin size of your choice.

Call 250-748-2447 to get your registration package today or download below!


Q & A and some extra details…

How many team members can I have on my team?

Up to 6 players can play on your team. For registration we request a minimum of 4 players per team. If you have multiple teams upon registering and you want to bowl together, let us know, we can book your lanes side by side.

Online fundraising can help you raise those funds, here’s how:

Fundraising online is optional but can increase the amount of funds raised or make it easy for you to share with friends, family, neighbors on social media etc. Your supporters are anyone who thinks youth deserve positive mentorship and receive amazing opportunities to shine. Once your team is registered you’ll receive an email inviting you to our online fundraising platform to participate. Need support reach out, call 250-748-2447 or email

Can I hand in my donations prior to event day… why yes you can?

Advanced drop-off is available. Email cowichan.valley@bigbrothersbigsisters or call 250-748-2447 to hand in donations collected, prior to event day.  Option for the super organized!

Why raise funds for mentoring?

Because youth need our support! Mentors are needed and research shows that developmental relationships provide children with a number of mental and physical health benefits. Mentoring is a critical protective factor that helps children gain confidence, acquire new skills, and build supportive community connections. These developmental assets set mentored children up for lifelong resiliency.

 Will all my donations be tax receipted?

Pledge-based donations with the donor’s name and mailing address will be issued a tax receipt directly to the donor. If a team fundraises together and distributes funds evenly to teammates these donation amounts can be receipted if information is provided. Tax receipts issued over $20.00 cash/chq will be receipted and all online donations are receipted directly through the online fundraising program Zeffy.

Can I raise more than my $50.00 event minimum?

YES 100% you can! To enter as a bowling participant, we ask that you raise a minimum of $50. The more funds raised goes directly to supporting local children and youth in a variety of our mentoring programs. We’d love this!

What if I cannot meet my fundraising minimum of $50.00?

We understand this can sometimes be challenging. A great way to raise your minimum amount is to work together with your team.  Teams have hosted mini fundraisers and then distributed the funds with all teammates also to raise more funds. Great minds will succeed! Call us for support- we’d be happy to brainstorm with you!

Feeling under the weather or unable to attend on event day? WE WILL MISS YOU! 

If unwell on event day, we ask that you stay home and get better J (extra cleaning will be completed between sessions). Masks are optional. We’d be happy to catch up with you at a later date to collect funds raised to support mentoring programs in the Cowichan Valley.

Have a child/youth that could benefit from a mentor?  How do I get them signed up for a mentoring program?

Call 250-748-2447 and speak to a Mentoring Coordinator. Agency staff can provide information regarding program options for your child/youth. BBBSCV serves children/youth ages 6-19 yrs. Online registration available at

I’m interested in becoming a mentor, how do I get started?

Call 250-748-2447 to speak with a staff member to learn about the different programs and one that fits your lifestyle. Monthly information sessions are held and posted on our Facebook page @BBBScowichanvalley and IS THE BEST place to start to see if mentoring is your jam.

More questions … call us 250-748-2447 or email



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