Job Description – Board Treasurer


Primary Responsibilities


  • Be responsible to the Board and accountable to it for any and all actions in the office of Treasurer
  • Ensure the organization is following accounting systems that adhere to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for non-profits.
  • Attend all regular monthly meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Responsible for overseeing annual budget development & monitoring
  • Evaluate and monitor internal controls
  • Provide monthly Treasurer’s report to the Board of Directors
  • Review Statutory remittances
  • Provide support to Administrative Assistant and Executive Director when needed regarding finances.
  • Review and approve monthly reconciliations
  • Carry out special assignments delegated to the Treasurer by board action
  • Be responsible for overseeing the general administration of funds including ensuring expenditures are properly authorized and paid on a timely basis
  • Be responsible for making financial reports at stated intervals as authorized by the Board
  • Be responsible for the Annual Reports including preparation of annual financial statements and completion of charitable information returns (T3010)
  • Be responsible for overseeing the insurance of official tax receipts for donations in cash and kind
  • Conduct the organization’s financial business through such chartered banks, trust companies, and/or credit unions as directed by the Executive Committee, with the consent of the Board
  • When directed by the Board of Directors, may negotiate loan/investments through a chartered bank, trust company, and/or credit union.
  • The Treasurer is to be a signing officer for the bank accounts of the Society


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